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100 beauty tips to get your body in great shape so you can buy that bikini or swimsuit and look sexy like a celebrity wearing it at the beach! read all 100 of my secret bikini body tips from plastic and cosmetic surgery to getting your hips, thighs and buttocks in bikini fit shape, laser hair removal, sunless tanning, getting rid of brown spots, hair care tips for tousled beach hair, wrinkle treatments, sunless tanners, sun protection and skin care, beautiful fragrance, beach cover ups, shoes to wear with that swimsuit, purses and beach bags, beach apparel, sleek sunglasses, jewelry, accessories, sarongs, and more.

100 Bikini Beauty Tips get swimsuit body beautiful for summer

This beauty web site is all about looking fantastic in a bikini! Read all of my bikini body beauty tips from working out to fitting into a swimsuit to buying a swimsuit that makes you look beautiful and sexy. Looking great in a bikini is all about being healthy and in great shape, and finding that perfect bikini style that compliments your body to the max. Bikini beauty is all about looking organic, natural and sexy. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues have relied on the beachy natural look for their annual swimsuit magazine because it is a formula that works. I'll help you get in shape and adapt some of those swimsuit model fashion concepts to your own bikini style. When you hit the beach in that bikini outfit you will attract men and get asked out on lots of dates if you are single LOL!

I will go over all of the cosmetic skin and body beauty treatments needed to get your body shaped up, contoured, toned and in prime swimsuit wearing form. From laser hair removal, to breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, to sunless tanners, I will go over in excruciating details all of my little tips and reminders for looking gorgeous in that bikini this summer. Being nearly fifty and the author of several popular beauty blogs, I know all of the best tips so be sure to read them all. I will give you diet, weight loss and bikini workout tips to blast your hips, thighs, legs and buttocks into bikini form. Go from white as ghost to beautifully golden tanned with my sunless tanner tips. Keep your skin soft and supple and smelling beach fabulous with subtle fragrances from Victoria's Secret and The Body Shop.

I will reveal all of the little cosmetic and plastic surgery tips that the celebrities utilize to get their bodies into swimsuit super model form. From beast lift and augmentation, tummy tucks to liposuction I will go over all of the cosmetic beauty tricks of the trade. Find out how to keep your skin smooth, soft, wrinkle free and smelling all natural and fabulous while looking very beach appropriate. I'll go over every thing you can do before summer hits to get ahead of the game on the bikini beauty front from laser hair removal to brown spot removal, laser treatments, spider vein treatments and sclerotherapy.

If you want to look hot at the beach like Kim Kardashian and other celebrity beach babes you need swimwear fashion that accentuates your figures positives and downplays your negatives. I will go over hundreds of pictures of designer swimsuit styles from two piece to one piece and examine all the colors and mix and match combinations that flatter your figure. Find out what sarongs and beach cover ups look hot, sexy shoes that go well with bikinis, stylish beach bags that look sleek, tips for sexy tousled beach hair, sunglasses, accessories, jewelry for the beach, and everything right down to that manicure and pedicure polish choice. If nothing else you will get some entertainment, information and great ideas for looking good in that swimsuit this summer.

Navigating the waters of swimwear, swimsuits, bikinis and one piece bathing suits can be a point of frustration for women. If you invest a little time and effort however, you can find the right swimsuit that flatters your body and make a splash. Certain styles will accentuate your strong points and draw attention and focus away from your figure flaws. The colors, fabrics, styles, mixing and matching, and finding the perfect cover up to complement the suit are all the ingredients that you need to focus on when shopping for the perfect look. No matter what your size is, you can find suits that will fit your figure and give you the slimming tummy control or breast enhancing illusion. Adopting a healthy diet and eating pattern over the summer months will help you feel and look better in that swimsuit too no matter what, even if all the odds seem against you. The goal is to enhance your natural beauty and find the suit that makes you feel the best you can about yourself.

Since most women have the figure flaws often centralized in the hips, thighs, buttocks and legs, your first bikini body beauty tip is that you'll want attention of the onlooker to be drawn upward toward your face. Loose wavy hair and a top that enhances the bust line can help tremendously to give you this body lifting effect. Feminine simply styled shoes and solid colored bottoms also help to neutralize the lower part of your body and float attention naturally upward. If you like bright colors and prints, keep these to a minimum and only have one bright thing going on with your beach outfit. If for example you are wearing a colorful sarong then you'll need a neutral colored swimsuit to pair with it. Neutral colors always look flattering and they include white, beige, tan, olive green, navy blue, black, etc. Remember, you are wearing the swimsuit outfit, don't let the outfit wear (aka overwhelm) you.

bikini beauty tips swimsuit buying tips tricks secrets and advice

Let's face it, the prospect of fitting a bathing suit is daunting for most women. Nothing shows your body to the world more than a bathing suit! None of us women have perfect bodies and when summer arrives it's tough to shed our winter clothes and don a bikini. For some women who are plus size or just self conscious, the entire swimsuit process is just overwhelming.

This web site is dedicated to give you free fun ideas and suggestions for the summer swim wear season. I really do study pictures, photos, articles and fashion to glean what looks are age appropriate, figure flattering and will make you look your best at any age or size. I hand pick fashion, photos and ideas to help you find looks that are not only affordable but will make you look your most fabulous. The right swimsuit will conceal flaws and play up your assets. Believe it or not, a softer, organic less structured style works the best of all. But that seemingly effortless natural beauty look that you see super models employing requires some thought and care. Putting a little investment of time into your beachwear outfit will always make a difference and put you above and beyond the other bikini wearing women. When you do make that appearance in your bikini, you want to make sure you look the best that you absolutely can. So be sure to read my body workout and beauty tips! I hope you enjoy this web site - be sure to visit my beauty blog for even more makeup and beauty tutorials.

One of the biggest bikini body beauty secrets is to keep your look as natural as possible. You want to look naturally pretty. This means, wearing soft and natural makeup at the beach, keeping your skin touchable with a hint of a sun free fake tan glow, and choosing swimsuit colors and cover ups in soothing natural colors. Keep brights to a minimum for a naturally pretty look. For example, if you are wearing a red swimsuit, then downplay the rest of your look and wear soft makeup and neutral accessories with the suit. Keep it natural and real looking. Too many loud busy patterns will detract from your true natural beauty. Casual beachy tousled hair styles work well also to bring out your all natural beauty.

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